Pentium 66 MHz vs 75 MHz shoot out

Everybody knows the P75 is better right? Triton bonus Most benchmarks comparing these two are biased in favour of the P75 by running it with a mature P54-era chipset, such as the Intel 430FX (Triton). The thing is that the Triton chipset was a big hit. It introduced pipelined-burst L2 cache significantly improving performance. Also [...]

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ECS SI5PI 2MB L2 cache upgrade

I've just got my hands on this beatiful Socket 4 motherboard - the ELITEGROUP (ECS) model SI5PI. The motherboard is using SiS 501 series chipset. It has one really unique feature - 16 DIP sockets for L2 cache + 2 extra sockets for cache tag chips. Furthermore, all these sockets are DIP32 sockets. That means [...]

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