Not that many customers were buying ISA graphics cards in 1996. Thus this ought to be a special one.This might be the ISA graphics card with the most advanced VGA chip ever produced.

The CL-GD5434 is a modern 64bit chip with EDO RAM support and a comprehensive acceleration feature set. Obviously, it is sitting on a slow ISA bus so the card can’t match simpler VL-Bus designs in DOS performance. However, holds its own in Windows GUI acceleration.

4 comments on “Diamond Speedstar 64 ISA

  • Anonymous Coward

    CL GD5434 supports EDO DRAM, but can this card actually accept and make use of it?

    • mpe

      Samsung chips installed on this card are actually EDO (unlike the the soldered-on Micron parts in the first bank). I am not sure about timing the card actually use. Could check next time I run this card again. But I doubt this could make any practical difference.

      Most S3 cards can be run off-specs with EDO-like timings with any chips.

  • Mark

    Question, I have one missing the speed star label on the bios. Does the screen say anything when it boots up? Wondering if someone swapped the bios. It does work.

  • Samir

    The Diamond Speedstar series lived up to its name back in the day. It was THE card to have for a solid performance all around, even in ISA form. Thank you for the memories!

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